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Digital Delivery

GrooveBits delivers all products digitally - product content is compressed into one or multiple ZIP files to ensure the fastest transfer possible (you need a zip program to uncompress them).

Upon successful completion of your payment the Download Links for your purchased goods will be available on your user Download Area (links will NOT be sent directly to your email, you need to login at our site to retrieve your files). Please note that download links will only be available if payment has been fully processed and received into our PayPal account.

Download times vary according to your internet connection speed and ZIP file size. We advice you to use a Download Manager if you wish to resume a download (if a download process gets broken).

You have 10 days and/or 10 attempts to download your files - period after which the download links will automatically expire. Please remember to store your files safely and always make backups since we do not guarantee that we will or can reactivate your links after 10 days or 10 download attempts. You are responsible to safely keep, maintain, store and backup your purchased files.

If , within this 10-day period, you have any issues or problems downloading your files please contact our support team here.