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Future Loops-Headbangers - Metal Guitars

Overview :

384 WAV Loops:


229 Rhythm Guitar Loops


155 Lead Guitar Loops


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Headbangers - Metal Guitars

Future Loops is proud to present Headbangers - Metal Guitars, an epic collection of Heavy Metal Guitar loops!

Headbangers - Metal Guitars was carefully crafted to bring you authentic and high-energy guitars specially developed for Heavy Metal & Alternative !

Headbangers - Metal Guitars was recorded live in a wide variety of tempos (from 90 BPM to 340 BPM ) and features both Lead and Rhythm guitars . The Rhythm varies from power chords to palm mutes or fast guitar pickings and the Leads feature striking and intricate solos , arpeggios and riffs - all ready to give you the special Headbanger treatment!

Loops in Headbangers - Metal Guitars cover different moods and styles and all sounds are heavily amped up and ready to destroy with maximum impact - just as you like them!

This professional library of distorted metal guitars loops can inspire you to create entire tracks around them or to use them as powerful add-ons for an instant energy and drive boost!

Inside Headbangers - Metal Guitars you will find:

384 WAV Loops

229 Rhythm Guitar Loops

155 Lead Guitar Loops

Tempos: 90 Bpm, 105 Bpm, 140 Bpm, 170 Bpm, 180 Bpm, 200 Bpm, 340 Bpm

All Loops 100% Royalty-Free!

If you're looking for a serious collection of Metal Guitars loops then it's time to grab Headbangers - Metal Guitars !

Info :

Brand : Future Loops

Genre : Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk

Categories : Loops

Type : Guitar

Formats : WAV

#Samples : 384

Disk Space : 332 MB

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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