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Future Loops-Total Bossa Nova

Overview :

2.71 GB Of Samples:

- 1393 WAV Loops (2.20 GB)

- 845 REX Loops (518 MB)


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Total Bossa Nova

Future Loops is proud to present Total Bossa Nova, a magnificent sample pack that brings you the best of Bossa Nova music with over 2 GB of original loops.

Bossa Nova is a music genre that originated in Brazil and gained worldwide popularity in the 60’s, through the music of genius composers such as Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. With roots in the Samba, Bossa Nova uses less percussive elements and is heavily influenced by jazz music. It is well known for its sweet , summery melodies and smooth tone .

Total Bossa Nova was entirely recorded in Brazil, featuring performances from highly experienced Bossa Nova musicians that truly live and breathe this enchanting genre. The result is the most authentic Bossa sample collection available - with all the pure and original elements that make the Bossa sound.

Once again Future Loops brings you nothing but the best samples and loops so feast yourself in this extraordinary variety of Bossa vibes and melodies : you’ll be able to find Bass, Guitars, Percussion, Keys, Horns in a total of 20 different Instruments plus female & male Vocals !

In order to really give you a massive taste of the Bossa Nova sound and cover its various nuances, we recorded Total Bossa Nova in Tempos that range from 65 BPM to 93 BPM and multiple Keys .

Due to its generous amount and diversity Total Bossa Nova is not only perfect for anyone who is looking to build Brazilian themed music but also for any kind of pop, dance or upbeat tune , or electronic track that is in need of some tropical vitamins.

Here are the contents of Total Bossa Nova:

2.20 GB (before content duplication)

1.393 WAV Loops

- 39 Upright Bass Loops

- 15 Electric Bass Loops

- 199 Electric Guitar Loops

- 267 Nylon Guitar Loops

- 65 Clarinet Loops

- 74 Flute Loops

- 51 Saxophone Loops

- 71 Trumpet loops

- 85 Organ Loops

- 64 Piano Loops

- 75 Rhodes Loops

- 236 Percussion Loops (including Agogo, Afuche, Bongo, Cuica, Ganza, Matchbox, Pandeiro, Tamborim, Tan Tan)

- 80 Female Vocals & 72 Male Vocals

As you see Total Bossa Nova will satisfy all your needs and cravings for sweet melodies and sunny rhythms. Whatever the tune you’re looking to produce, if you need a vibe that's fresh, summery and laidback, you’ll definitely need the Total Bossa Nova sound!

Info :

Brand : Future Loops

Genre : Latin, World, Bossa Nova, Ethnic

Categories : One-Shots, Loops

Type : Bass, Guitar, Keys, Piano, Brass, Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Vocals & Acapellas

Formats : WAV, REX

#Samples : 2238

Disk Space : 2.71 GB

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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