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Future Loops-Mike Clarks Funk Drums

Overview :

4.3GB (2.86GB of content before duplications ) including

Fills and Rolls ,


Full Beats ,


Full Beats With Percussion ,


Kick&Snare ,


No Snare ,


Drum Hits ;


4541 WAV samples ;



3571 REX 2 samples


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Mike Clarks Funk Drums

Prepare yourself to be stunned with the purest funk rhythms by legendary Headhunters drummer Mike Clark !

For years Mike has been a djs and music producers favourite and he is one of the 3 most sampled drummers of all time!..

Now you can have his beats the way you like them : royalty-free and ready to go !

Mike lays down some serious funk beats in this deluxe collection that will have you nodding your head and shacking your hips in no time ! Mike Clark’s Funk Drums is a must have for anyone who needs to put some first-class grooves into their tracks.

Yes! These are 100% original and exclusive funk drums recorded by the “master of funk “ himself to fulfil all your needs for slammin’ beats and top notch rhythms.

This is an absolutely superior library, assembling Mike Clark’s talent and experience with superb recording and production! Mike Clark’s Funk Drums has hundreds of beats , fills , rolls and even juicy percussion elements !

Each beat is provided raw and from at least 10 different mic perspectives (kicks , snares , room etc.. ) giving you unprecedented and total control ..Its like having Mike in the Studio just for you ! You can literarily take these grooves anywhere you want to !

Tempo ranges from 48-126 BPM and WAV samples are 24-bit. At the same time loops are also provided in REX format for maximum flexibility and there are over 500 drum hits included !...

In short ..this collection is a killer !..What are you waiting for? Let the groove take control and put your tunes on fire with this insane funky title !

Info :

Brand : Future Loops

Genre : Nu Soul, Downtempo, Funk, Jazz, Lounge, Soul

Categories : One-Shots, Loops

Type : Drums, Percussion

Formats : WAV, REX

#Samples : 8112

Disk Space : 4.3 GB

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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