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Function Loops-PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 3

Overview :

• 51 Bass presets for Sylenth1 VSTi
• 8 MIDI files from the Demo
• 1 Soundbank
• 60 Files in total

Please Note:

Sylenth1 is required.


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PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 3

PSYCHO Sylenth1 Soundset Vol 3 is the third part in this essential series for Psychedelic Trance production. In this part of the collection, you will find top-notch bass presets, suitable for many Psy-Trance genres such as Full-On, Full-Power, Tech Trance, Progressive and even Dark-Psy. Futuristic sounds from the Function Loops studio.

These are fat and chunky basslines, adjusted and ready to roll straight away in any serious production. Function Loops have worked out the EQs perfectly, so no extra VSTi is needed. 
All you need to do is pick a preset! What you can hear in the Demo, is only the Sylenth VSTi, with no extra VSTs added in. Sounds fat?

These presets are already being used by some of the best artists in the scene and are getting very positive opinions. 
Function Loops brings the best Psy sounds you could ever imagine, all ready and spiced up, from the oven straight to your plate. Most of the presets are adjustable, just try the 'Cut Off' knob, and you can get another Psychedelic bass sound of your own or add some effects. 
The best thing is that this small soundbank can be used for years, as it withstands the standards of the most fashionable sound of today, and the future! 
Function Loops breathes this scene, so they know what they are talking about.

All the MIDI files from the Demo are included.

Info :

Brand : Function Loops

Genre : Techno, Trance

Categories : Soundset & Presets

Type : Bass

Formats : MIDI, Sylenth

#Samples : 60

Disk Space :

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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