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Future Loops-Reggae Guitars

Overview :

1199 Samples

814 MB

- 621 WAV Loops

- 578 REX Loops


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Reggae Guitars

Future Loops proudly presents Reggae Guitars a collection of over 600 Reggae guitar loops both in WAV & REX format.

Performed by professional reggae guitar players, Reggae Guitars was recorded at the reggae friendly tempo of 70 BPM - and features several different keys, providing you with a fresh diversity of guitar chords & scales that will adapt perfectly to your Reggae & Dub productions.

Whether you’re into a mellow vibe or a sunnier mood Reggae Guitars comes to suit your every need for some sweet rasta guitar sounds.

Loops are divided into 2 main folders:

Chords – wide array of rhythm guitar loops perfect to set the pace for your productions ;

Leads - licks & solos ready to accentuate the melody and color of your reggae tracks ! ;

In sum , here's what Reggae Guitars has to offer:

621 Guitar Loops:

- 211 Chords Loops (Amaj, Amin, Bbmaj, Bmaj, Bmin, Cmaj, Cmin, Cmaj, Dmin, Dmaj,Emin, E7, Fmin, Gmin)

- 410 Leads Loops (Amaj, Amin, Bbmaj, Bmaj, Bmin, Cmaj, Cmin, Cmaj, Dmin, Dmaj,Emin, E7, Fmin, Gmin)

Reggae Guitars was designed for Reggae & Dub productions but it can also be highly useful for other genres such as Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Chill-out, Ambient and even Hip-Hop ( specially considering the over 400 groovy licks and solo loops ) !

Info :

Brand : Future Loops

Genre : Dub, Reggae

Categories : Loops

Type : Guitar

Formats : WAV, REX

#Samples : 1199

Disk Space : 814 MB

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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