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Future Loops-Dread Bass Drops Vol 2

Overview :

733 MB of WAV content

- 742 WAV Loops

83 MB of REX Loops

- 618 REX Loops


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Dread Bass Drops Vol 2

Future Loops is proud to release Dread Bass Drops Vol 2, the second volume from our reggae best-seller Dread Bass Drops!

Dread Bass Drops returns once again, with over 700 Jahlicious reggae & dub bass loops in WAV & REX format.

Dread Bass Drops Vol 2 includes 2 different bass sounds: one bass is clean yet still has a strong presence and the other bass is gritty and drenched in a sub-bass overdrive personality .

There are 5 different tempos ( 70 BPM, 77 BPM, 85 BP, 90 BPM and 95 BPM ) and loops were performed in a wide variety of keys. One can never get enough reggae & dub real bass sounds, and Dread Bass Drops Vol 2 is here to satisfy all your dubby bass cravings!

Dread Bass Drops Vol 2 is will appeal to all producers looking for high quality bass loops for their dub & reggae tracks, but these basslines and licks will also blend just fine with other genres such as Ambient, Hip Hop, Electronica and even Dubstep.

Here’s what’s inside Dread Bass Drops Vol 2:

742 Reggae/Dub Bass Loops:

- 161 Bass Loops at 70 BPM (Amin, Bbmin-Maj, Fmaj-EbMaj)

- 147 Bass Loops at 77 BPM ( Bmin, GMaj)

- 143 Bass Loops at 85 BPM (BbMaj, CMaj, Emin-Amin, Gmin)

- 147 Bass Loops at 90 BPM ( Abmin, Bmin, Dmin)

- 145 Bass Loops at 95 BPM ( Amin, DMaj, Dmin)


Need some more high quality and authentic dubbed bass loops ? Look no further , Dread Bass Drops Vol 2 is here!

Info :

Brand : Future Loops

Genre : Dub, Reggae

Categories : Loops

Type : Bass

Formats : WAV, REX

#Samples : 1360

Disk Space : 816 MB

Compatibility : MAC,PC

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